Made from 100% Organic Materials.
Natural & Friendly to people, animals, plumbing and the environment

Bio Enzyme Bio Ball

Completely natural, non-toxic and non-chemical that is formulated to effectively dealing with odor and VOCs that is health hazard and dangerous. Its easy to use, economical and long lasting against moldy, musky cigarettes smell. A clean and odorless ambience conducive for living is created for environmental and friendly enzymes.

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About Bio Enzyme Bio Ball

Product Function & Benefits

  1. Fix Odor Issue
  2. Fix Ammonia Issue
  3. Efficient, Effective, and Affordable
  4. 100% Organic, Non-Chemicals, Non-Toxic, Natural & Friendly to  people, animals, plumbing and the environment

Product Safety (Certification)

Product / Packaging Picture

Application Methods


Before and After

Remove odor issue from urinal, wastafel and others

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