1st In The World Enzymatic, Organic, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Pesticide for
Cockroach & Mosquitoes, with Odour Remover ALL-IN-ONE.

Bio Enzyme CMO

All living organisms have natural enemies, Cockroaches & Mosquitoes are no different, the secret lies in natural untouched soils, where man & his chemicals have not trespassed, in these Rich Ecological soils are beneficial bacteria known as Predation & Parasitism which metabolise Pathogenic bacteria – The key factor in the metabolic balance of pathogenic vectors “Break the Balance Break the Vector”.

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About Bio Enzyme CMO

Product Function & Benefits


  • Killing many kind of bugs.
  • Natural beneficial bacteria.
  • No genetic alteration & no splicing.
  • Beneficial to all living organism including humans.
  • LD50 food grade product, Non-Toxic!
  • Safe to apply near food & people.
  • Can be applied on cutlery & all utensils.

Product Safety (Certification)

Product / Packaging Picture

Application Methods


Before and After

Remove Cockroaches Issue

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