Nano Zinc has been tested internationally by the following accredited Test
establishments such as ATS, SGS, Food Research institute and other International
Test Laboratories and proven effective against a variety of bacteria, fungi and

Nano Shield

Nano Zinc is a versatile inorganic material, strongly anti-bacterial with a particle size ranging between 1-100nm. It is 200 times more effective than that of Zinc. Nano Zinc is capable of eliminating/destroying more than 3,000 species of bacteria and viruses including fungi of the Mushroom family, with excellent result.

Nano Zinc is more effective than the normal tap water chlorination process. As it is also an inorganic fungicide, it is harmless to the human body.

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About Nano Shield

Product Function & Benefits

  1. Strongly anti-bacterial
  2. Remove Odor such as smell of cigarettes
  3. Efficient, Effective, and Affordable
  4. 100% Organic, Non-Chemicals, Non-Toxic, Natural & Friendly to  people, animals, plumbing and the environment

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